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Winter Preparedness Checklist

curtis-winter-checklistWinter Preparedness Checklist

Brrrr…it’s cold out there! Low temperatures, high winds, and snow drifts can be expected every winter, but propane troubles shouldn’t be. Get familiar with these winter preparedness tips.

    • It is critical during the winter months to provide a clear path to your tank. Why? It gives the driver access to your tank in order for us to be able to keep your tank filled. By clearing your tank of debris, snow, and tripping hazards our drivers may encounter they will be able to get your tank filled up.


    • During the winter months you need to keep snow off of your tank. Why? Tanks need to build pressure during the daylight hours to provide the necessary pressure to the appliances at night. If the tank is covered in snow it does not get the boost it needs during these extreme temperatures. Please help us keep you in propane by keeping your tank clear of snow.


    • Make sure you have an adequate supply of propane. If you’re on Auto-Fill Delivery with a tank monitor you don’t have to worry about a thing! We can accurately predict when you need a delivery and ensure you’ll never run out of propane. With Auto-Fill Delivery, you’ll avoid running empty in times of heavy snowfall or ice when roads may be inaccessible for delivery.


    • Mark the location of your tank with a flag, pole, or stake. It should be high enough that a significant Minnesota snowstorm won’t cover it. Should your tank become covered with snow, use a broom to clear it off. This will improve the efficiency of the tank and how it delivers propane to your system.


    • Keep your driveway plowed wide enough for our delivery trucks and emergency personnel. (at least 10ft. wide)


    • Keep your driveway clear of low hanging branches that may impede our ability to deliver.


    • Keep snow away from regulators (on the side of your home), outdoor vents, chimneys, and flues. These items will not operate properly if covered by snow. Also if vents, chimneys, and flues are plugged this could create a carbon monoxide situation.


    • Change batteries in your thermostat. Certain thermostats operate on batteries; if your batteries go dead, your heating system will not run. Changing the batteries annually is easy and can save you an expensive service call.


    • Keep your air filters clean and schedule a furnace tune up to ensure everything is operating properly and you’re ready for the cold weather!


    • Never use outdoor appliances to heat indoors or any enclosed area.


    • Never use a gas oven or range top burners for space heating.


    • Never store, place, or use propane cylinders indoors or in an enclosed area.


    • If you suspect any of your regulators, valves or piping has been damaged, call your propane supplier and shut off your tank if possible.


    24-hour emergency service is available 365 days a year.