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Propane Pricing

Propane Pricing

Propane pricing is determined by the market rate during the off season (April-August). However, we offer several different propane pricing programs for the heating season. Each program may present multiple opportunities at various times before the upcoming heating season (i.e. Mid-winter, early spring and late summer). You may choose the current offering or pass and wait until the next opportunity. Once you have committed you cannot change and will no longer be notified until the next season.

A 5-cent senior discount is available at the customer’s request for those aged 65 and older. When we receive your signed agreement, we will purchase your propane. We cannot give it back; therefore you are committed at that price. Early termination of the contract will require a $300.00 buy-out fee. All fixed price plans require 600 gallons annual usage to qualify.


Locked-In Rate

Your price will be guaranteed at that rate from September 1st until April 30th. Minimum delivery in order to receive a fixed price is 200 gallons.


You may purchase your gallons in advance of the heating season. The rate will be .05 less than the Lock-in rate. Payment must be made in full at the time the signed agreement is returned.

Minimum delivery in order to receive a fixed price is 200 gallons.

Market Rate

If you do not wish to participate in a fixed price program, you may choose to stay with the market rate through the course of the heating season. Minimum delivery in order to receive a fixed price is 200 gallons.

The pricing options are not related to the delivery or payment options. They simply indicate how the fuel priced out. Each option area (Delivery, Payment and Pricing) is independent and can be chosen separately to best meet your needs. Changing an option in one area does not affect the other areas.

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