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Common Questions

Common Questions

Q. Can I skip a budget payment?

A. You must pay your budget payment in a timely manner. If you miss or skip a payment you will be contacted and must make arrangements to get current. If the account remains in arrears we will be forced to hold any further deliveries until the situation is rectified. If your balance is in excess of the required amount you may skip making your payment, however you must call our credit department to let us know that is what you are doing. Your budget account is separate from your overall account and our system cannot automatically reconcile the individual accounts.

Q. Can I have service work billed to my budget payment account?

A. Your budget account is calibrated to cover your fuel usage only. You may inquire with our credit department to seek approval which may be granted in some instances. In most cases, however, service work must be paid separately.

Q. Will you fill another company’s propane tank?

A. It is illegal for a company to fill another company’s propane tank. All companies are aware of this law and most do comply. If you find a company that willingly fills a tank of their competitor you should really question why you would want to be associated with them and question what they may be doing to you.

Q. Is the price always lowest in the summer?

A. Times have changed. It used to follow the basic rules of supply and demand. These days the energy prices are based on the world market. Geopolitical conditions as well as world economies’ are what drive the price. It is possible that the price in February could be lower than the price in July. That is why we offer numerous times throughout the year to secure your price for the upcoming season.

Q. Why don’t you fill my propane tank to 100%?

A. Propane can expand in the summer heat or direct sunlight. By only filling your tank to 80-85% we are leaving room for expansion.

Q. Why do I smell propane when my tank is low?

A. You do not smell propane, as it is an odorless gas. You are detecting Ethyl Mercapton which is the odorant used so that we can detect a leak. As the tank draws low the amount of this odorant is more concentrated and therefore can be detected as it burns.

Q. What happens when I run out of propane?

A. We do not want you to run your tank out. In fact, if you let your tank run out 3 times we will ask you to find a different supplier. When your tank runs out we must perform a leak test on your system before we reenergize it. When doing so it is necessary for us to gain entry to make sure the appliances are working.

Q. Can I hook up a small cylinder if I run out of gas?

A. No. Per our insurance company’s policy, if we find a customer who has tampered with the propane system we must notify the customer that we can no longer be their supplier.

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24-hour emergency service is available 365 days a year.
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