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For Propane Auto-Fill Customers

Curtis is now supplying a monitor for your tank that communicates via cellular signal. We get a report each day that lets us know exactly how much fuel is in your tank, and therefore, when to come out to fill it. You no longer have to worry about running out of fuel! Our goal is to supply all of our Auto-fill customers with a tank monitor as soon as possible.

For Fuel Oil Auto-Fill Customers

With this option, we will automatically come and fill your tank. Our fuel oil auto-fill customers use a degree day method of calculation. Some of our current propane customers are also serviced using this tried and true method. When a designated number of degree days pass, we come out and fill the tank.


Please note: Deliveries are not scheduled on an incremental time basis, but rather controlled by weather conditions and fuel load (the number and types of appliances that use the fuel). Auto-fill is continuous and perpetual — this means you may receive a delivery during the off season. It also means that you will remain on Auto-fill until such time that you request a change. If at any time you want to take yourself off or resume the Auto-fill program we require that you sign and return a “Delivery Status Change Request” form. You may request a form by contacting our office. Customers must qualify for an open charge account in order to be on Auto-fill.

The delivery options are not related to payment or pricing options. They simply indicate how the fuel is scheduled for delivery. Each option area (Delivery, Payment and Pricing) is independent and can be designated as you see fit. Changing an option in one area does not affect the other areas.


24-hour emergency service is available 365 days a year.

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